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Celebrities can have a huge impact when they endorse something and can help raise millions of dollars for causes when they lend their support. Unfortunately, the opposite can apply as when they use their considerable platform to condemn something, thousands of their fans follow suit.

The celebrities on this list have expressed some concerning views on vaccinations and as we are currently going through a global pandemic, the subject of vaccination is a hot topic. Many on this list cite Robert F. Kennedy, Jr, while not a celebrity as such, he is still the son of the definitely famous RFK, and a prominent figure in the ‘anti-vaxxer’ movement.

Kennedy, Jr, has been a staunch promoter of anti-vaccination through his nonprofit advocacy organization Children’s Health Defense, of which he is the chairman. His claims that vaccines are directly attributed to causing autism are contradicted by overwhelming scientific consensus. In the current pandemic, he has also promoted multiple conspiracy theories related to COVID-19.

Here we take a look at 11 famous faces that have expressed their views on vaccination.

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