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While many of us want to become famous and live a carefree life with a more than decent income, some celebrities give up fame to lead a “normal” life with regular jobs.

The reason for this decision differs from person to person, but one thing is certain: they have chosen a much better path for themselves. Some of them gave up fame to do what they love the most, to achieve their dream job and so on, while others did so for a more profitable career.

The truth is that society influences all of us in almost every aspect of our lives, from how to make a decision, when to start a new relationship, and what career to have, to model our personal desires.

When it comes to our careers, society urges us to choose a well-paid job in order to lead a good life. During the primary socialization process (since the child is born) parents teach them how to survive and develop as a person, through interactions. Their parents teach them what is or is not accepted in a society, social norms and cultural practices. So, during this period, parents usually influence their children to choose a well-paid career, among other things.

This urge also continues to be instilled by other people in the process of secondary socialization – at this stage, people form their goals, perceptions and behavior based on their group norms, the people around them, friends, teachers and so on.

The idea is that, in an ideal world, the job you have should be your passion as well… something that you really like and that has a potential financial return. Unfortunately, many people choose a well-paid job and fame, but it is not something that they really wanted to do in life. Of course, this does not mean that there are no people who choose what they love instead of a profitable career.

However, here are some celebrities who gave up fame for a ‘normal’ job. Read on for more info!

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1 thought on “11 Celebrities Who Gave Up Fame For a Normal Job”

  1. Very misleading title. None of these stars went on to “regular” jobs.
    Resting on your wealth and racing cars or writing books is not having a regular job.

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