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Unfortunately, 2020 was a rather difficult year that brought us many panic attacks, anxiety, depression, stress and other bad things. But this year we should focus more on improving our mental and physical health and try to work hard for our main goal, namely to be happier than we have ever been.

The truth is that it is quite difficult to stay happy and mentally positive in the midst of a global pandemic, especially if you have been ill or have suffered losses due to the novel coronavirus. In fact, all the things that probably relaxed us some time ago have turned into social restrictions because they favor the spread of the virus. For example, visiting and hugging your family members, spending time with your friends or celebrating your birthday should be avoided if we want to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

We do not know how much all these activities will be restricted, but until then it is crucial to find other habits that will cheer us up. According to health experts, if you want to boost your mental health, you should find some activities that can keep you relaxed, focused and happy.

That being said, in order to help you be happier, here are some science backed tips and easy habits to adopt this year. Plus, don’t forget that the change starts with you! Read on to find out more info!

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