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The truth is that many people believe that celebrities have everything they want, including fame, fortune, millions of fans, free products and access to various events and so on. However, in reality, their lives are not as perfect as you might think.

They are, in fact, human beings just like all of us, and although life comes easy for some famous people, for most of them, things are different and they have various struggles as well. Of course, fame doesn’t guarantee you a perfect and carefree life. So, there are celebrities who opened up about their struggles with school and how uncomfortable they felt when they had to read something out loud, write an essay, do math problems and so on.

Learning disability (also known as learning disorders) is a term used to describe a wide variety of learning problems, such as dyslexia (difficulty with reading), dyscalculia (difficulty with math), dysgraphia (difficulty with writing), ADHD (problems with staying focused and organized) and so on.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that learning disabilities are not a problem with intelligence, and people who suffer from these disorders aren’t lazy, demotivated or simple-minded. They are just as intelligent as everyone else, but their brains are structured differently, which affects the way they receive and process certain information.

Here are some famous people who suffer from learning disorders. Read on for more info!

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